LBYC - Sailing Programs Director

Many of my days are spent as a volunteer coach and sailing instructor.  Currently, I teach small boat sailing to the University of Mary Harden Baylor CruSailors sailing club, Temple and Belton High School sailing clubs, and private lessons for the Lake Belton Yacht Club (LBYC) for groups of about 6 students.  I use my newer Pro Laser, older Laser, 2 Lasers owned by LBYC members, along with two LBYC owned Lasers and two Club 420s with spinnakers.

For keelboat training, I utilize my Elite 37, a LBYC owned J/29, J/27, two Soling's, and a San Juan 24.  The LBYC owned boats are all up for Best Offer Bids as a fundraiser for the LBYC Community Sailing Program. 

The proceeds are used to build a training fleet of 4 Club 420's for collegiate and High School sailing, a fleet of 8 Lasers and a fleet of 4 J/24s for one design racing.  The LBYC is a "not-for-profit" organization dedicated to further the art and pleasure of sailing.

I hold certification from US Sailing (the National & Olympic governing body for sailing) for "Small Boat Sailing Instructor".  Instruction is through the LBYC and information can be obtained at our website: or sending me an email.

Fair Winds!

Charlie D
LBYC Sailing Programs Director

My two lasers at work!